Summer Assignments

All summer adult, college and youth game assignments are published through the Contra Costa Summer Umpires Association CCSUA website under the supervision of Jack Townsend.

Assignments are made by the CCSUA website Blue Assignor which is password protected, phone and email. Umpires go to the web site select games and assignemnts are approved accordingly. All Umpires are Independent Contractors and must have NASO or similar liability coverage. CCSUA annual dues are $55. The only other cost is the purchase of CCSUA caps and a $50 charge to attend the required 2-day clinic each February.

The CCSUA currently wears the light-blue CCSUA logo on navy or black caps to differentiate from the CCUA--High School affiliation. Please be sure to comply with this when working baseball outside of the context of the high school level.

Game Cancellation Procedure

If it's not urgent:
call the home phone and leave a message or e-mail.

If it is urgent:
call the cell phone and speak to Jack or Pat directly.

Jack Townsend
Advisor to President CCUA and Assignor CCSUA
Pat Katovich
Assignor CCSUA